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Hair and make up artist Lou Box had a block of 5 Cryofacials and this is what she had to say..

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My experience of Cryo facial has been truly excellent. From the very first session I was stunned at the instant results - my skin looked taut, plump and luminous from the very first session. I would absolutely recommend a Cryo facial before a big event, it makes your skin look unreal! 
I had five sessions in total and the results - whilst not as dramatic as the immediate effect - have lasted well so far and it's been a couple of months since I finished the course. My skin looks younger and tighter. I also found the added bonus that it made my (very patchy) eyebrows grow back in a little and has broken down some fat in my cheeks so my cheek bones are popping!

The experience itself is not unpleasant, despite your face being frozen to -100 degrees (!). At times it can feel a little headachy but this only lasts a couple of seconds and for the most part it's very relaxing indeed and Nyambe is very kind and informative.

I would also note that immediately after the treatment your blood rushes up to the skin in your face so this would an ideal time to apply your favourite skincare or a moisturising face mask to really make the most of the experience.

- Lou Box - Hair and makeup artist

All in all I'm very impressed and do not hesitate to recommend Cryo facials at Saisei Cryo
- Lou Box

Our response to Lou Box

When we first heard from Lou, we scheduled in a consultation session to help her understand how the process worked and to get a feel of what Cryotherapy is all about. Lou was nervous initially, and we thought that we might not hear back from her. However the consultation gave us an opportunity to reassure Lou that the treatment is in fact very controlled and although cold temperatures are part of it, in fact it is not an uncomfortable experience.

From the second appointment, Lou was hooked and looked forward to each subsequent booking. The localised face treatment was delivered on a weekly basis over the course of 6 weeks with very positive results.

This is testament to how people's perception of Cryotherapy differs to what they feel after receiving treatment. This was a hugely successfuly course of treatments and we look forward to having Lou back in the future.

- Nyambe @ SaiSei

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