Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a knowledge base of common questions Saisei Cryotherapy receive.

Is cryotherapy safe?

The treatment is 100% natural and non-invasive.

If you have any concerns about having cryotherapy, we advise that you let your GP know you are considering treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

It is recommended that when you first start cryotherapy you invest in a block of treatments. This will also depend on each person’s individual issues and needs. After that you can use cryotherapy as a top up as and when needed for your health, injury, beauty and wellness.

We will discuss this during your consultation as every individual situation will vary. We will ensure that you are comfortable in your decision when decided what will be best for you.

Can I continue with my day after cryotherapy treatment?

Yes. You will be fine to walk away after all the treatments. We do recommend you stay with us in the studio for a few minutes as we like to ensure you have warmed up. (After WBC)

Other questions you may have:

If we have not answered all your questions above or if you require more information, please call us or request a call back. We appreciate that if you have never tried cryotherapy before, you may be a little apprehensive. We at Saisei want you to fully understand the amazing health benefits of cryotherapy and ensure you enjoy your experience with us.

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