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A treatment that accelerates recovery from training hard

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When we do physical activity our muscles causes slight micro muscle tears which causes soreness and recovery takes a long time. During Cryotherapy increases the body’s total anti-oxidative status. The body achieves an improved ability to repair cellular damage,reduce inflammation,eliminate free radicals and naturalise toxins. This process leads to phenominal recovery.

This is how this treatment takes your training and recovery to the next level:

  • Reduced down time between training sessions
  • Repair muscle quicker
  • Reduce instances of injuries
  • Recover from injuries quicker
  • Train harder

"After completion of the treatment, the body reheats itself through expanding blood vessels and capillaries up to four (4) times their normal size, this causes a phenominal increase in blood flow to the skin and extremities, enriching cells with oxygen and enzymes to a much greater degree than under normal balanced conditions...

I have see a significant increase in focus and performance in my training sessions, it's unbelievable

- Pepe Vives

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